L'The final story arc of Black Clover It started with a big loss. In the first battle against Lucius Zogratis, the evil hiding in the magical Emperor Julius Novachrono, one of the protagonists is defeated and ripped from the Clover Kingdom. Has he really achieved a better life?

In Black Clover Chapter 337, Asta suddenly awakens. The boy is safe in a traditional Japanese style house. nourished and refreshed, Asta meets his rescuer, a man with ki and a striking physical resemblance to Captain Yami Sukehiro. The man claims to know Yami very well, but he hasn't seen him since he was thirteen, and that Asta is now in the Land of the Sun, the Black Bull's captain's original nation.

Ryuudou Ryuuya, the Shogun of the Land of the Sun, talks to the Black Bull's sorcerer in Black Clover 338. He informs Asta that if he returned to Clover this time, he would die seriously. A new, long training period begins for the boy at the side of the Shogun. But first, Asta has to do that Knowledge of the Land of the Suna place whose traditions and customs are very different from those of Clover.

In the Land of the Sun, magic and grimoires are not used, but Yojustu and scrolls. So the main ability of the residents is not in magic, but in ki. Thanks to this new source of arcane power, will Asta finally be able to cast magic in Black Clover 338?

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