Pokémon Coco Not only is it the 23rd movie in the saga, but it also introduces a new Legendary Pokémon, Zarude. In this work of art we see a new side of the dark primate who, together with his partner Coco, swings among the jungle vines that they call home.

With the film already released in Japan, western fans are looking forward to this new film, That will take Ash Ketchum and Pikachu to a whole new placewhere they will meet new friends and old threats!

We know that in the film we will finally see Ash's father, who travels the world just like his son. Who knows what relationship binds the wild boy Coco to his primate colleague Zarudeand whether Ash and his father will compete in a Pokémon encounter.

Pokémon Coco Animation Director, Hirotaka Marufuji, shared this incredible piece of art on Twitter where Ash, Coco, Zarude and Pikachu swing from grapevines to a new adventure!

We can't wait to see what to expect with this new movie! At the moment, the posters and key visuals we saw made us dream and catapulted us into this fantastic environment. And you? What do you expect from this new film? Are you curious to see it? Let us know in the comments!

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