The annual edition of the Jump Festa brought a lot of information about the new story arcBoruto Anime: Naruto the Next Generations. As highlighted in the promo for the next episode, Kawaki, one of the members of the Kara organization, will be the great protagonist of "The Vessel Arc".

After the clash between Team 7 and Deepa and Victor from the Kara Organization, the Leaf Village was put on alert from the seventh Hokage. But will the sensory surveillance team at the entrance to Konoha be enough to stop the criminal group's shady plans?

As mentioned earlier, episode 181 of Boruto will cover the events of chapter 16 of the manga. The great protagonist of the new narrative arc will be Kawaki, who has been labeled as chosen the container of the Otsutsuki.

The promo of the next installment of Boruto shared on Twitter by user Abdul S17 offers a close look at Jigen, the leader of Kara, and offers some clues about the Background from Kawaki. The criminal organization lost its ship, but the plan already contained this problem. Finding Kawaki is the current main target of the sheet's mysterious antagonists. What do you think of this upcoming debut? Will it upset the series? In the meantime, Sarada and Chocho wish us happy holidays in this Boruto Christmas illustration.

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