Among the many features that fascinate fans of the universe Pokémon There are legends about creatures, their powers and their origins. Let's discover a theory together that reconciles some inconsistencies in the main myths of creation.

Over the years, fans have had an opportunity to learn more about Pokémon in many ways, and they often came across a few Inconsistencies in the Pokédex descriptions. One of these concerns the origins of monsters, as two of them are represented as the first of all creatures: Mew and Arceus. The tool that allows you to catalog Pokémon says that the first of the above is the ancestor of all Pokémon, while the description reserved for the fourth generation creature defines the latter as the one who created life.

Reddit user Nitsunekoni shared her own theory This reconciles the information about the two legends, thus giving an original explanation for the birth of all Pokémon. In the post posted at the bottom of the news, the enthusiast points out that in order to be there before everyone else, both creatures must be there born before Dialga, the monster from which time emerged. This would allow the two Pokémon to animate each other in a kind of simultaneity caused by the lack of the concepts of "before" and "after". Despite the complexity, the theory seems to make sense due to the nature of the two monsters beyond human understanding.

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I have my own answer to the Mew / Arceus dilemma. by r / pokemon

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