Ash Ketchum managed to make his dream come true. The World Coronation Series finals against Dandel ended with the victory of the protagonist, who was voted World Champion Pokemon. Now Ash has begun his latest journey in a new series, and before he bids farewell to anime after 25 years, he will be reunited with some historical companions.

It was already expected that Misty would return after many years of absence in the next episode of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, a series consisting of eleven episodes and entirely dedicated to saying goodbye to Ash. The experienced Water-type Pokémon trainer and Gym Leader of the city of Celestopoli in the Kanto region will cross paths with the protagonist to capture the same wild Pokémon.

It was the anime's official site that published the episode preview, where you can see Misty's nice entry into the scene, who is interested in adding a little clauncher to her team. The trainer is still accompanied by her inseparable Psyduck and by Politoed, who was chosen to face Ash. It's not yet clear if Misty will be just the first of many companions to return before Liko and Roy's storyline debuts in the new season.

Finally, we remind you that Ash changed teams for the final adventure and we leave you with the opening of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, inspired by the initials of the original anime.

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