Chapter 61 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations It turned out to be pretty static for the plot itself, but it contains a lot of important information. Indeed, in the face of the threat of code, the security systems used by Konoha are revealed and a previously unpublished detail of the connection between Kawaki and Boruto itself is revealed.

The atmosphere with which the chapter in question begins is rather calm, with Boruto opening a deck of cards while talking to his companions. During the conversation, the chakra detection system, which is positioned on all the borders of the village, will be discussed, with which you can first know whether the person entering is actually an ally or an enemy.

However, one piece of information captures Kawaki's thoughts. According to what Inoji Yamanaka revealed, only those who were able were clear your chakra identity it could cross the border undisturbed, both in and out. A thoughtful Kawaki appears as the pages progress, until one evening he decides to take out the trash. Followed by one of the guards the young man succeeds in generating a shadow clonethat falls back into the apartment and thus hides its true position.

However, Boruto immediately realizes that the Kawaki did not return home shortly afterwards. Unknowingly, as Ada explains, the two ninja have taken advantage of two special abilities of the Otsutsuki clan. Kawaki easily managed to go unnoticed by negating his chakra identity, while Boruto was able to discern his true position thanks to the connection that now connects them, as the Otsutsuki genes are contained in both.

Lastly, remember that V-Jump made a video for Chapter 61.

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