Dragon Ball Super could soon bring the Molo saga to a close, which put the Saiyans through a very tough test. The enemy that is initially too strong seems to have found an obstacle in Merus, the angel who has joined the Galactic Patrol. Jaco's colleague was busy with the early Dragon Ball Super 63 spoilers.

As the release of V-Jump and thus the Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super, other spoilers, and most importantly a summary and some pages of the entire chapter have leaked on the net. As we told you earlier, Merus is working to keep Molo in check and is doing it successfully. In the meantime, Dende manages to cure Goku, who recovers and can face the villain again.

He returns to the state of Ultra Instinct and attacks Molo, but easily repels him. But Merus is still fighting and also manages to avoid Molo's copying power, which is injured in the hand. The angel releases his true powers and wants to pounce on the enemy, but suddenly Beerus and Whis appear. However, the two seem to do nothing against the other angel.

Goku watches as Merus dodges an attack from Molo with ease and then attacks him in the forehead and breaks the stone there. While Molo is on the ground, Merus begins to become transparent and looks at Goku with a smile on his face. The protagonist of Dragon Ball Super is amazed at what happens and sees Merus finally vanished into thin air.

Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super ends with Goku seen from behind, in a pose similar to that seen in the fight with Freeza after Krillin's death. Will Goku return to the state of Ultra Instinct, but complete this time? Find the below Images of Dragon Ball Super 63.

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