Platinum End, a scandal in the study of anime: abuse of power and denunciation of an animator

Imagine you are working diligently and to the best of your ability on a project, sacrificing many hours of break between overtime and very short deadlines and then receiving no compensation from the responsible office. This is what happened to an animator with the studio behind it Platinum finish.

Recently Signal.MD, the studio responsible for the anime adaptation of Platinum End, the new work from the writers of Death reportwas at the center of a very serious scandal which appears to have resulted in harassment of abuse of power. Everything started from Kudaka-san, an animator who, upset with a producer at the studio, decided to contact the authorities, who in the past few hours announced the result of his response.

There Japanese Fair Competition Commission (the Japan Fair Trade Commission) concluded that it Signal.MD Studio is against the law by failure to pay (or delay) compensation to the entertainer concerned for his or her participation in the above work (not named for contractual reasons). In order to arrive at this judgment, the Commission carried out a year of research that was only recently concluded.

In particular, Kudaka-san condemned the study of a missed payment of 180 thousand yen (approx. 1430 euros at the current exchange rate) as well as the harassment and humiliation of a certain "producer C". The latter would have actually abused his power as a producer against the animator and then threw the bill of his compensation in front of him. After Kudaka-san won the case, he thanked all his supporters for the love messages and invited them to continue to support the work of the animators despite these unpleasant cases in the animation industry. We do not know whether the Commission will now decide to investigate this too IG port, Holding company of Signal.MD and all other minor studies including Production IG is Wit studio, but we will keep you updated until more news.

As for you, what do you think of this scandal of the studio behind Fate Grand Order: Camelot and Platinum End instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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