The world of Japanese idols, but in general of show business in the land of the rising sun, has always been far from us. Now things are getting a lot tighter thanks to the work of Aka Akasaka and Yokoyari Mengo, the two authors of Oshi no Ko just become anime and air on different channels that will highlight some dynamics with a thriller story.

The first episode of Oshi no Ko was loved by the audience. The reactions on Twitter confirm the quality of the work of Studio Doga Kobo, which now has to give up the prologue narrated in an hour and a half of the first episode to focus on it new life of aquamarine and rubythe two protagonists. After leaving Ai behind, the two must figure out how to navigate this world and pursue their dreams, which in Aqua's case aren't exactly good.

In fact it begins Revenge of Aqua in Episode 2 of Oshi no Ko. Now a teenager like his twin sister, the boy shows disturbing attitudes and is oriented towards finding the adored Ai's killer while his sister tries to become an idol just like her mother/heroine, but it won't be easy make his The two then begin their first teenage steps in the world of show business while attending school and meeting an old acquaintance, Kana.

The next episode of Oshi no Ko will begin in full History of Aquamarine and RubyDid you see the first episode? Did you like it and will you continue the series?

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