In episode number 7 of chainsaw man There were several funny moments. Fans appreciated Himeno's lousy kiss, but another scene is just as iconic.

In fact, in the last few episodes, such a brutal and bloody fight had never been witnessed. It is now clear that Denji, although she has very humble and simple goals in life, is one will bomb and ambition. The final episode continued with that cliffhanger where Denji fell down the jaws of Devil Eternity to save himself and the team, but perhaps most importantly, the sensual colleague's coveted kiss.

The bitter fight, which can be seen in the tweet at the end of the news, lasts three days. The script and animation of these moments were handled by Keiichiro Watanabe, already known for his excellent work in scenes of this genre: rough and chaotic. MAPPA's adaptation perfectly captures the chainsaw boy's panache and the monster's frustration at doing nothing else feed bubbling blood to Denji. It reaches such a pinnacle of violence that the devil keeps giving up, even feeling so much pain that he begs Denji to cut his core and stop the fight. But the boy is crazy and actually has a lot of fun: he deliberately avoids the coup de grace to prolong the fun. On the other hand, the episode itself states that the hunters most feared by the devils are the ones who are a little crazy.

Did you like the seventh episode? there quality was high and the same goes for the Chainsaw Man backend.

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