The monster saga in One-Punch Man is over, the manga has closed a narrative arc after so many years of publication that forced season 2 to stop midway. However, with this ending, it is now possible to proceed with it Development of One-Punch Man Season 3one of the anime most anticipated by the public.

The official announcement of One-Punch Man 3 with poster has finally made the dreams of a good chunk of the public come true, but there are still many outstanding issues with the project such as who will be handling the animation and when it will be out. And in this context when One-Punch Man Season 3 releases?

Let's try to hypothesize some data. Considering the announcement a few weeks ago, in the summer, it is Mandatory for One-Punch Man to debut in 2023. It's difficult for such a famous and sought-after anime to be pushed back to 2024 and announced so far in advance. Aside from the year, different exit windows are available.

The winter season, which starts in 2023, is already full of titles that have been announced for some time and also shown with trailers. It's really very difficult for the anime to go back to that window then. More One-Punch Man Season 3 is expected to return in April 2023 or July 2023with a trailer revealed during Jump Festa in late December.

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