Episode 281 of the anime series partially combines the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series to the manga of the same name and awaits the adaptation of the Code Saga in 2023. In the meantime, the Kara Organization is back and an internal has remained hidden, waiting to strike.

In episode 280, Kiseru awakened Boruto from the illusion Ouga had put him through. L'last episode of this story arc begins right then, with the young Konoha ninja finding himself alone in a room where everyone else except Rokuro and Yasume is locked in hyperbaric chambers.

The three therefore decide to flee, but soon realize that they are going in circles Victim of a new Ouga game. When Boruto becomes separated from the others, Rokuro decides to betray Yasume and claim the Labyrinth's map. However, he is targeted by Ouga.

Boruto later manages to reunite with Yasume, but he dies due to Rokuro's attacks. However, the Hokage's son senses that something is wrong. This is another illusion that Ouga has put on Boruto, who realizes that theAntagonist is only Yasume.

Yasume then reveals that he is Ouga, theeighth inner member of the Kara organization used for support tasks at Amado. After losing his comrades, Yasume had lost his purpose in life and organized the gaming lab only to find a new one.

By his talking no jutsu, Boruto convinces Ouga to regain the will to live and escape the illusion with him. Once free along with all the other participants in the game, Boruto reunites with Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki who are still busy researching while Ouga goes away forever.

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