I'm waiting to find out after just ten days where the missing chapter 141 of One-Punch Man has gone Yusuke Murata presents the new date with Saitama's manga on Tonari no Young Jump and partners. The bald hero does not appear in the story and lets another character shine in his place.

After the fight that Tatsumaki had apparently won, Drive Knight split from Genos and dropped him in flight. When the hero leaves the area at full speed, Genos is overloaded and about to explode. The Puri Puri prisoner tries to seek out the Emperor's Child to avoid an explosion, while Genos is increasingly determined to become a bomb to take out any nearby enemies.

There The shoulder of One-Punch You have to face Fubuki's determination. After the woman tells him to shut up, she begins to use her psychic powers to lower the temperature of the Genos reactor and then to strengthen the bionic fibers of the cyborg body. His operation succeeds because Saitama's blond student goes out and falls to the floor, as does Fubuki, who passes out after spitting blood in Bang and Bomb's arms.

The two elders are amazed at Fubuki's strength and say that she has the skills to become a leader. The Chapter 143 of One-Punch Man ends with these 12 pages that concludes one of the phases of this battle.

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