The epic of ONE PIECE It consists of a merchandising like no other, thanks to a masterpiece that has conquered a community of millions of fans around the world. In fact, there's no shortage of fairly special initiatives, a bit like the latest venture from a company Zoro set out to rebuild from scratch.

For the uninitiated after the time warp Oda revealed that Zoro's height is 1.81 m, which is consistent with most pirates in the work. However, to completely recreate a character with the original dimensions is no small feat even for the best companies, a challenge that did not make us give up Tiang Tong TT Studio.

The Chinese company presented a really interesting model some time ago Zoro in 1:1 scaleie on a real scale. The Mugiwara swordsman, as you can admire at the bottom of the news, has been reimagined with Wano's outfit and proud gaze, but with fairly important attention to the muscles. Since then, to put your hand on the statue, you have to open your wallet The total costs amount to almost 2,000 euros, shipping cost not included. Pre-orders are already active, but the study explains that once the deposit has been paid, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this initiative by Tiang Tong Studio? Let us know in a comment below, but not before you've checked out our special with everything you need to know about Zoro.

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