In ONE PIECE Elbaf has been talked about for a long time. The Island of the Giants is another anomaly of this world created by Eiichiro Oda that has these very special areas where beings were born and live that aren't the classic humans. The first giants to appear in the manga are the famous Dori and Brogi, two captains of two pirate crews.

Then there was talk of Elbaf at Water Seven when Usopp was invited to join her, but the sniper decided to let it be and return to the Straw Hat Pirates crew. Then? The protagonists of ONE PIECE have now come very close to the island: it is not for nothing that Elbaf could become the next destination of the manga. However, there is now much clearer evidence of his whereabouts.

Where exactly is Elbaf?? In fact, the New World remains vast and until now the exact location of the island has not been known. However, it was one of the most important pirates of the moment who introduced us to this place in the water world. Kid was guided with his crew to the mysterious island chosen during a game with Luffy in the last pages of chapter 1071 of ONE PIECE. However, on their way, the Kid's pirates came across Elbaf, the island of giants. From the first glance and from the creatures that surround us, you can feel that this is the land of giants.

Consequently, Elbaf is very close to Wano, as it is only a few voyage days from the home of the samurai and much closer than the island Kid and the others were meant to reach. This means that the Mugiwara was able to reach them very quickly since it was still nearby.

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