Coming to grips with the most famous manga of all time, that’s the way it is ONE PIECE, it also means having to deal with some fans who tend to think badly or sexualize certain characters in the work. But what does Eiichiro Oda, the work’s brilliant creator, think of all this?

With each release of a new volume of ONE PIECE, the Sensei takes the opportunity to answer some questions that users occasionally ask him in the dedicated section called “SBS”. One in particular Oda revealed his opinion on all those fans who tend to think badly about his characters:

“I see that Nami has become quite popular lately. Maybe because she hasn’t been around for a while? Anyway, you feel guilty for thinking badly about the characters, don’t you (laughter)? Well, I don’t really do that with any of my characters.” A teacher once told me that about me A manga is a product intended for sale, and a true professional would never tell the customer who bought it how to enjoy the purchase. And I agree with that philosophy. You can reinterpret, fantasize and enjoy it however you like. For my part, I’m glad to know that you’re reading it.

A clear and direct opinion of the author that leaves no doubt as to how the community should enjoy his masterpiece. And you instead, what do you think? Let us know in a comment below, but not before watching our short special on when we’ll know the Straw Hat secret.

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