Now there is time until the release of The attack of the giants 4 runs out and the countdown, organized by the series production staff, continues. Let's look at the new figure.

Fans of Hajime Isayama's works are eagerly awaiting the fourth animated version of the manga, which won the Kodansha Award for the best Manga Shonen category in 2011. The animations are produced by the studio MAP That revealed some behind-the-scenes details of creation over the past few days, such as the fact that almost all of the giants in Attack of the Giants 4 are made in CGI.

Unfortunately, not only was there a trailer for Attack of the Giants 4 released in late May 2020, but there weren't many opportunities for fans to watch the work of the new studio that replaced the previous one. Wit studio in the new animated adaptation. This adds to the climate of impatient anticipation that all fandom is involved in and that has also been fueled by a for the past week countdown shared by the same production workers.

In fact, every day the experts of the anime share an illustration on social networks that reminds viewers of the remaining time for the release of the first episode of the series. At the end of this message is the new picture in which we can see Gabi, Character presented in the fourth season, reminding the viewer not to miss the event set in 3 days. Like every work of art, this one was designed by a key figure in the production of the implementation: Yusuke Tannawa, Screen designer and producer of 3DCG.

Are you looking forward to the new season? What do you think of the new illustration? Let us know in the comments.

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