Even if Japan is the land of manga, comics that fall into very specific canons despite the variety proposed, there is still a thriving presence of comics. Thanks to the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, the heroes of the House of Ideas are well known, from Spider-Man to Captain America.

The bearer of the shield has had a troubled history that has found space in over 100 years. The little boy who dreamed of defending his country was unable to do so due to his small stature and unfitness for war. The proposal to participate in a special program allowed him to wear the colors of the United States of America: this is how Captain America was born, still one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel world today. The challenges didn't end with World War II, as Captain America then returned to the present.

Yusaku Shibata, a popular mangaka who has also published a series on Weekly Shonen Jump and other Shueisha magazines an illustration depicting Captain America from its originsthat is, a little boy in a military uniform, then moves on to the more famous version and ends there shown in the movie Avengers: Infinity Warwhere the captain returned to fight alongside the rest of humanity against the invaders.

Meanwhile, a manga about Joker is in the works, while some mangaka are pinning their hopes on Dr. Strange have focused.

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