Pacifistas have long been a very important weapon for world government. First drawn during the Sabaody Archipelago saga, they then returned during the Marineford War and surfaced during the two year time skip from ONE PIECE. But Vegapunk's research went beyond expectations.

The genius scientist went to work arming the Pacifistas, resulting in a new weapon for the Navy and world government. This is how the Seraphim were born, who make a lot of talk about themselves, especially in the last twenty chapters. These beings, who have far less robotic traits and characteristics than the previous Pacifistas, are in any case androids, this time following the traits of the members of the Fleet of Seven but revisited in a lunar version. but how many seraphim have appeared so far and what are their names??

  • S-Hawk is Drakul Mihawk's Seraphim;
  • S-Snake is Boa Hancock's Seraphim;
  • S-Bear is Kuma Bartholomew's Seraphim;
  • S-Shark is Jinbe's Seraphim.

At the moment only these four have appeared, but it seems that Vegapunk has delivered others, perhaps in the process of being completed, since Jinbes was still in the break-in phase, unlike the first two that were already put into battle at Amazon Lily. And instead, if others came, who would they be? here are the possible names of future seraphim:

  • S gecko for Gecko Moria;
  • S-crocodile for crocodile;
  • S flamingo for Donquixote Doflamingo;

With these three The formation of the original Fleet of Seven would be complete, which, by the way, is based precisely on animals. Correspondence with younger members like Blackbeard, Law, Weevil, and Buggy would be more special, but they're unlikely to be seen in action. This is what the version of Mugiwara in Seraphim would look like.

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