After defeating Devil Eternity, everything seemed calm, but Denji and his friends were attacked by surprise. The entire Makima division was attacked with dead and wounded, some of them important. Especially that Chainsaw Man's protagonist was having a bad time against a new opponent, the Devil Katana.

Luckily, Makima's abilities worked, and with Kobeni's help Denji made it through safe and sound. But their current strength is certainly not enough to deal with the new enemies, and the same goes for Power, which was quickly knocked out during the last fight. And so, in Chainsaw Man 1x10, a training session began with the two protagonists, albeit accompanied by a new but still very experienced character.

One of the strongest Felhunters out there, Kishibe silences Denji and Power's attack attempts in moments. However, there is a stage when the two decide to show all their gray matter to attack the enemy efficiently. In this scene Denji and Power pretend to be two geniuses and prepare a strategy to attack Kishibe, who however still manages to knock them out in a few moments.

The power ends in a lake of blood and becomes anemic from too much power, while Denji is killed with a powerful kick that knocks him to the ground. However, the two have made progressis that enough for the upcoming fights in the final episodes of Chainsaw Man?

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