It's been years since Dr Vegapunk is described as a genius. His skills as an inventor and scientist are well known in the world of ONE PIECE, with many creations that have helped the Navy fight the most fearsome pirates or move faster from one sea to another without the attacks of the monstrous King of the Seas to fear .

The current Egghead saga has finally featured the appearance of this scientist who was initially presented to the readers and Mugiwara with an android, a satellite of the real body that had surprised everyone. But in reality Vegapunk is an old man, as seen in the final chapters of ONE PIECE. And not only that, because it has an interesting peculiarity.

Vegapunk is a born genius, but in addition to this disproportionate intellect, he can boast of the effect of Nomi Nomi no Mi or der devil fruit brain brain, which allows him to store indefinitely any information he comes in contact with, provided, however, that his head grows. For this reason, in the flashback, Vegapunk has a huge head due to his devil fruit, but this has changed in recent appearances thanks to a new ingenious invention that has the taste of the internet.

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