The anime of ONE PIECE entered the third act of Wano for a few weeks. After releasing Luffy from prison and watching the interlude about the Fleet of Seven, Rocks and the Four Emperors, the episodes focus again on the island, which is currently under the control of Orochi and Kaido. And that by putting us in a flashback.

We finally met Oden Kozuki, Momonosuke's father and one of the most famous pirates of the previous era. With ONE PIECE 960 We saw the young samurai in the capital of flowers who wanted to eat oden, the Japanese dish it is named after. But in the same episode he did Sukiyaki Kozuki also performed, Father of Oden. The character was voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo, a name that doesn't mean much to the less observant ONE PIECE viewers.

As Artur - Library of Ohara pointed out on Twitter, Ryuzaburo Otomo has already appeared as a voice actor in this saga. He gave his voice to the character of Hitetsu Tenguyama, the old master of O-Tama. It is rare for a voice actor who has already voiced a character to return in ONE PIECE, even if this is the case for characters with a very brief appearance. But when a voice actor gives the same voice to two characters from the same saga, there is usually a twist in the plot. The anime then confirmed that Sukiyaki is indeed Hitetsu?

All that's left is to wait for the saga to end to be sure.

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