Dragon ball now represents a symbol of battle, and despite Goku's adventures that have lasted for more than 30 years, there are still many questions about the work of Toriyama, particularly about the race of Saiyans, powerful warriors who expand their rule did over many planets before the Freeza genocide.

The most recent edition that has revived the interest and speculation in community concerns the aging of the Saiyansas it is never clearly stated in the manga how much they can actually live, and certainly the appearance of Goku, which remained practically identical to the first Dragon Ball Z saga, did not help to find an answer.

Fortunately, however, a few years ago in the Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide BandToriyama himself responded in a dedicated Q&A section, stating the following: "Saiyans are a race of warriors, so once they reach the correct fighting age they slowly age and maintain their great power for a long time. Their lifespan is not very different from that of the Terransand when they reach a certain age they quickly become brittle. "

Although Goku and Vegeta seem far from the symptoms of the mangaka, an example of what has been said can be seen in King Vegeta who, while still able to endure a fight, makes him appear weaker because of his appearance . Recall that a recent theory explained why # 17 and # 18 are not evil, and we let you find out how many people Lord Freeza killed.

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