The from ONE PIECE is undoubtedly one of the most famous and important printed and animated epics in the industry, a franchise that has won millions and millions of fans over the decades thanks to its beautifully characterized characters and a fascinating and exciting story.

As many of you probably know by now The brand has come to the much-discussed Wano story arc, an opportunity that allowed Oda to encounter our favorite pirate crew with a world completely new to them, both in terms of culture and combat and behavioral techniques. As can be easily anticipated, the production quickly immersed the audience in this world with a distinctly oriental taste and completely conquered it.

Well, recently Star Comics announced that the long awaited 95th edition of ONE PIECE is now also in preparation on Italian soil, news that will delight many readers. According to what was announced is the number will be available in comic book stores, newspaper kiosks, bookstores and online shops from September 2nd 2020 at a price of 4.30 euros.

In this new volume, the Straw Hat crew will find themselves in the position of having to assemble all of their allies to attack the island of the Orcs. Among the hostile sides, however, Kaido is preparing for the clash in his own way, formulating an alliance that could have enormous implications for the future of the entire world.

Before we say goodbye, let us remind you that Eiichiro Oda recently revealed his favorite scenes from ONE PIECE. In addition, it has been officially announced in the last few days where we are with the ONE PIECE epic and how much is consequently missing in the much discussed finale.

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