Weekly Shonen Jump took a few breaks in the last month, but now they are over. From now on the magazine will appear regularly until the end of the year, provided no new complications arise. This means that ONE PIECE and the other manga will continue unless the individual authors pause.

With the arrival of the first spoiler from ONE PIECE 988Let's see if our predictions about the Onigashima Battle were correct. First, there is no color page, so the mini-adventures featuring the story of Capone Bege and his crew are back. On the first page we see the rest of the crew's story along with the title of the chapter "I've Waited So Long". It is not yet known who this expectation relates to as many characters could make a mention of it.

The chapter then begins with a good focus on the mink, on Kaido, and on Jack arriving at the emperor's side. Some unconfirmed spoilers from another source also mention the conversion to Sulong and one of the mink faced Jackwho is accused of destroying the millennial Zou.

However, there is attention to the new in the square Meeting between Brook and Big Momwhile Sanji VS King seems to be a reality. After all, the announcement on the last page tells fans that ONE PIECE will pause again for a weekTherefore, Chapter 989 won't arrive for two weeks.

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