Far from the shores of Whole Cake Island, the Mugiwara, who stayed on the island to bring Sanji back to the team, travel to Wano. Meanwhile, in Marijoa, the Reverie is taking place, a meeting between world authorities to decide how to handle the future of the New World. This is how the second part of the saga of the emperors begins ONE PIECE.

Meanwhile, the Mugiwara bounties are being updated: Sanji has reached the figure of 330 million berries due to his association with the Vinsmoke family, while Luffy achieved the title of fifth emperor with a bounty of 1.5 billion berries. The Reverie saga, the shortest of the series, ends with Im, a still-mysterious figure, sitting on the empty throne.

After various vicissitudes, the Mugiwara reach Wano. Little O-Tama finds Luffy on the beach and we find out about it complex situation in which the residents of Wano live: Most are forced to work in factories under the control of Emperor Kaido, who is allied with Shogun Orochi.

Many truths are uncovered about the Smile Fruit, artificial Devil Fruit, the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts led by Kaido, and the fact that Kin'emon is the chief of the Red Sheaths, samurai in the service of the legendary Oden, who along with were momosuke Sent 20 years into the future to kill Kaido during the Fire Festival on Onigashima Island.

Luffy attempts to face Kaido for the first time and is knocked back with a single punch. The protagonist finds himself in Udon Prison, where he learns from Hyogoro how to use the Haki to make his punches more powerful. In the meantime Big Mom arrives in Wano and allies with Kaido, and it is revealed that during the Reverie, the Fleet of Seven was abolished. Zoro receives the legendary Enma Katana from Hyori Kozuki, daughter of odesdedicated to a lengthy retrospective full of information about the life of the legendary samurai, including his journey first with Whitebeard and then with Gol D. Roger.

The Onigashima War begins with the attack of the Nine Red Scabbards at Kaido's Castle, who are joined and supported by the new generation trio: Luffy, Kidd and Law. Jinbe also comes on stage, now officially a member of the Mugiwara, and once they arrive on the Kaido-dominated island, the hierarchy of Kaido's crew is presented, i.e. the Captain, the three Superstars King, Queen and Jack, and the Six Flying companions . The character also debuts Yamato, daughter of Kaido and staunch supporter of the will of Kozuki Oden.

Kaido kills Orochi and introduces them to everyone plan to make Onigashima the capital of Wano and for conquering the ONE PIECE thanks to the alliance with Big Mom. Kaido faces the Nine Red Scabbards and manages to stop them and then raises the entire island and transports it over the capital of flowers to replace it with destruction. Kaido is joined by Big Mom on the rooftop of Onigashima, and so they face off against the new generation of pirates.

After being wounded by Zoro, Kaido is left alone against Luffy and sends him off the island, leading everyone to believe he killed him. The small momosuke hears the voice of Luffy, rescued by Law's crew, and decides to grow up thanks to Shinobu's powers, transform into a dragon and accompany the protagonist on Onigashima. While Zoro faces King and Sanji faces QueenProving their importance as Ali to the Pirate King, Law and Kidd manage to defeat Big Mom.

Luffy returns against Kaido, and after losing to the Emperor again, the protagonist awakens the true power of the Gom-Gom fruit, actually the mythological species of the Zoofruit Nika model. Luffy reaches fifth gear and has i Powers of the sun god Nika and finally he succeeds in defeating the Emperor.

there second part of the emperor legend, told from chapter 903 to 1057ends with the liberation of Wano from the tyranny of Kaido, led by the new Shogun Momonosuke, through the birth of new threats such as cross guildand from the beginning of the era of the new Four Emperors, among which Luffy and Buggy stand out.

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