The Walt Disney Company announced the production of an original hybrid anime titled Dragons of Wonderhatch (Wonderhatch: Sora Tobu Ryuu no Shima), which is scheduled to premiere for the season Winter 2023 (January-March) exclusively on the platform disneyplus. The live-action segments show the "real world" while the anime segments show another world inhabited by dragons.


  • Sena Nakajima like Nagi.
  • Daiken Okudaira (sleepless after school) What thyme.
  • Yoshito Emmanuelle the way they are.
  • Mackenyu Arata like Akuta.

production team

  • Kentarou Hagiwara (Tokyo Ghoul live action) directs the project, which has been under development for five years, while Takashi Otsuka (Precure Series, One Piece Stampede) takes care of the direction of the animation segments.
  • Posuka Demizu (Yakusoku no Neverland) is responsible for character design and all concept art.

Synopsis for Dragons of Wonderhatch

The press release also revealed a trailer with clips and the production itself, including messages from cast members Sena Nakajima, Daiken Okudaira and Mackenyu. The story follows Nagi, a high school girl living in the real world, and Thyme, a boy living in a world of "dragon riders" who form close relationships with the mythical creatures.

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