Among the numerous pirates with whom Luffy has forged alliances throughout his countless adventures, Trafalagar D. Law certainly holds an important position. Also in the Wa story arc, the Heart Pirates captain has proven to be a great ally of the Mugiwara, and for the most passionate ones at that ONE PIECE Here is his new character.

If you think how Luffy, Kidd and Law, three of the best captains of the new generation of pirates, have said goodbye to Wano, it's plausible that we'll see them again in the final stages of Gol D. Roger's Treasure Race. In addition, we can expect updates, including indirect ones, regarding Blackbeard's attack on Law's crew, who are awaiting the passage of a pirate ship in an as yet uncharted stretch of sea.

Then to honor one of Luffy's best allies and artist rivals Super Bomb Studio They made the statue that you can see in the images below. Law seems quite detailed and intent on thinking out a strategy for an upcoming fight. The 13-inch figure is slated for release in the third quarter of 2023, but it's already possible to make it Pre-order at a price of 150 euros.

Finally we remember that a fan paid homage to the Gear Fifth in an incredible cosplay and we leave you with the hypotheses about Chapter 1068 of ONE PIECE.

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