In Japan, Shueisha always promotes its releases thanks to various PVs or promotional videos. Of course, Weekly Shonen Jump's titles are the most attention-grabbing, and that's why the publisher always puts extra effort into their flagship manga. Among the various videos is that of ONE PIECE Volume 105.

The cover of ONE PIECE 105 features the four New World Emperors all together, in the four corners of the illustration, with a carrot in the middle. But how is he promoted? Shueisha decided to make a video that will then be published on the web, which you can see below. The choice was very special because the Journey from ONE PIECE in retro 8-bit style. Set back in time to the consoles of the 80's, which supported very little memory and had limited graphics, Luffy is seen embarking on his own adventure as if ONE PIECE were a Nintendo Game Boy video game.

On the journey, other components are gradually added to the big one, right up to the most recent story Battle of Wano and the Defeat of Kaido by the Hundred Beasts. After a bracket with the new Four Emperors chosen by the Morgans newspaper, there's also room for Egghead Island, the island of the future where Vegapunk is hiding.

The video below is just over a minute long and collects the whole story of ONE PIECE hence with the final moments collected in the volume contained. Did you like this creation? Meanwhile, in case you haven't noticed, ONE PIECE 105's cover art is copied from another.

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