ONE PIECE: The spectacular clash between Sanji and X Drake ignites the final episode

The story arc set in the land of Wa leads to numerous changes in the universe of ONE PIECE Just think back to Kozuki Oden, who revealed important anecdotes about the occupation of Gol D. Roger, and the Reverie, who awaited the arrival of the Mugiwara in Wanokuni and brought devastating changes to the world.

With the manga getting closer and closer to the final clashes that will determine the conclusion of the current saga, the anime is still pretty much back. While their captain is locked in prison, members of the Straw hat crews can be found in various areas of Wa Land, all involved in various clashes in which they are involved in the first person.

In the last episode, however, we witnessed the random and funny meeting between Zoro and Sanji. When the swordsman confronts the samurai Denjiro, Vinsmoke takes on X Drake, a battle that impressed the audience. As you can see in the post below, the fight between Sanji and X Drake It was created with spectacular animation to say the least, in which you can perceive the incredible work of Kojima Takashi, which is characterized by impressive fluidity and reproduction of details.

Recall that Katakuri turned out to be a girl in a fanโ€™s great art and we leave you to the final Oda illustration dedicated to and for Brook Countdown that brings us to Chapter 1000.

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