On the cusp of a very important milestone ONE PIECE is a milestone in the world of Shonen and the Japanese animation industry. To celebrate the work of Eiichiro Oda, the creators of Naruto and The Promised Neverland created some spectacular crossovers.

Despite the imminent arrival of theeagerly awaited chapter 1000Eiichiro Oda doesn't want to stop and already has a five-year plan for EIN PIECE in mind. However, while we wait for Luffy to realize his dream of becoming the Pirate King, now is the time for celebration.

To the Homage to one of the most influential works Masashi Kishimoto and Posuka Demizu, creators of Naruto and The Promised Neverland, created spectacular thematic illustrations. While Kishimoto wanted to create his own version of Roronoa Zoro, The Promised Neverland illustrator took the straw hat crew to meet the kids from the orphanage. It is especially exciting to see Luffy partying with Emma.

Another homage to the master has arrived by Masanori Morita, former assistant to Tetsuo Hara who created Rokudenashi Blues and Rookies. But not only that, a special chapter of ONE PIECE will appear soon with all the heroes of Shonen Jump. An unprecedented clash in the flashback of the legendary Oden is added to the ONE PIECE anime.

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