Wano is a saga that Eiichiro Oda started over four years ago in 2018. The chapters of ONE PIECE from this period began to weave the plot that would result in the characters clashing with Kaido. 2022, Kaido and Luffy started arguing in ONE PIECE 1000, finally both on Onigashima.

Slap after swipe, morph after morph, hero and villain get a good reason, not without hiccups. At the end, Luffy managed to get his last strength out and with the awakening of his devil fruit, he dealt the Emperor a very violent and gigantic blow and threw him to the ground in Wano. A flashback of Kaido began and told his climax story, after which ONE PIECE 1049 ended.

Everything seems to indicate that the fight is over. But the The fight between Luffy and Kaido is really over? There is one aspect to analyze: in previous battles, Eiichiro Oda always included a small box at the end of the battle announcing the winner of the battle. It happened in all fights, even Big Mom's fight against Kid and Law, but nothing like that happened in the fight between Luffy and Kaido.

Onigashima fell to the ground, but that doesn't mean the Emperor is completely incapacitated while Luffy looks exhausted. It's time for one last round between the two in the next chapter of ONE PIECE?

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