A few days ago, American artist Shawn Conrad posted a video on YouTube explaining the background and creative process behind the iconic rap opening theme of ONE PIECEThe singer, who was commissioned by the 4Kids at the time and received incredible support, wanted to thank the community with a nice video message.

After joining 4Kids Conrad as a sound engineer, Conrad started although he was initially hesitant the ability to create an acronym that will become an icon within the sectorMillions of American viewers still fondly remember it today. For this and for the unbelievable amount of positive and nostalgic comments that have been received in recent months, Conrad wanted it again Express his gratitude with the video that you can find below.

Freshco, Conrad's rapper name, sang the first part of the title song and quickly summed up the character traits of the protagonists. Finally, a special thank you for the fans of the series and from the initials, which disappeared after the license change from 4Kids to Funimation, still the American distributor of ONE PIECE and other animes such as My Hero Academia, Black Clover and Attack of the Giants.

Keep in mind that the ONE PIECE anime is returning to Crunchyroll with new episodes starting with the thriller Bark saga, and we'll leave you with the full chapter 1013 recap.

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