The terrifying Pirates of Rocks, who first appeared in chapter 957 of the manga, are finally making their debut in the anime of ONE PIECE. The adventures of Luffy and his companions in the Land of Wa were momentarily interrupted in the past by Kozuki Oden, the legendary samurai who revived Wano and clashed with Kaido.

Among the many characters that Oden himself will meet on his journey from the shores of Wano and exploring the outside world, there are figures like Edward Newgate, a pirate named Whitebeard and one of the future emperors, and Gol D. Roger, the one who becomes the pirate king and begins the current era of piracy and leads many men interested in his treasure to undertake dangerous and deadly sea voyages.

When speaking to Whitebeard on the last published episode, Oden found that Edward was previously part of the Pirates of Rocks, who split up after Captain Rocks D. Xebec died. It is probably the most powerful crew in the entire universe, created by, as was formed by, Eiichiro Oda Kaido and Charlotte LinLin, both future emperors, just like Newgate. It is also stated that it was possible to stop such a threat only thanks to an alliance between Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger, an event that made history.

Recall that chapter 1004 revealed the ultimate weapon the rebels used in the war for Onigashima, and we leave you with a ranking of the 11 supernovae, from the strongest to the weakest.

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