ONE PIECE is approaching the release of Chapter 1000, slated for January 3, 2021, and to celebrate this incredible milestone, Shueisha-Verlag has released ten chapters for a limited time that have shaped the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy profoundly , and that excited the fans.

These are the chapters that go from 574 to 584, in which Luffy travels to Marineford to save his brother, the Portuguese D. Ace. It's an event that changed Eiichiro Oda's pirate epic forever, and not just because of the moving death scene of Ace, who decided to sacrifice himself for it Protect his brother from Akainu's direct attack, but also because Marineford's conclusion also showed the death of another basic character, Edward Newgate or the Whitebeard Emperor.

Ace's death remains one of the most intense moments and moving ONE PIECE, Luffy's ruined and paralyzed face in front of his brother's body while the final fragment of Ace's living card is on fire, are unforgettable tables made unique only by the style of Master Oda. To the So celebrate the chapter 1000 approachAs you can see from the following article, the relevant chapters were released for a period of one week.

Recall that the Mugiwara were illustrated by the writers of Naruto and The Promised Neverland, and we leave you to announce a special chapter of ONE PIECE with all the heroes of Shonen Jump.

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