As animation fans now know, anime begins and ends in very specific windows, the so-called seasons. In fact, each quarter coincides with a season of the year known as winter, spring, summer, or fall, depending on the period. And you will also remember that My Hero Academia 5 was announced for next spring.

This could mean that My Hero Academia 5 would have debuted in the first weeks of April, the month of the start of the spring season. Anyway, me new leaks from Weekly Shonen Jump # 03-04 They gave various information. In fact, My Hero Academia 5 is set to debut a little earlier than planned, according to communications from Shueisha Publishing.

This was stated in the testimony picked up on by some familiar faces on Twitter My Hero Academia 5 will debut on March 27, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Japanese. The start was brought forward by a week, probably to showcase a recap episode as happened in previous seasons of the anime, and then start the new real story from April. If instead there wasn't a recap episode, we could see Season 5 of My Hero Academia a little longer than normal.

With the Jump Festa 2021 in sight, there will certainly be more information on My Hero Academia 5.

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