We have now familiarized ourselves with that Tobi Roppo, six captains who lost the battle with Kaido's crew and were absorbed by the emperor's group. Fight after fight, they have risen up the ranks to become the most important members since the three disasters. But in this group of ONE PIECE There are those who keep an aura of mystery.

In chapter 998 of ONE PIECE, Tobi Roppo began to go wild. Eiichiro Oda made sure that this whole group of warriors was presented in their own way and with their own fight. But on two sides Who stood out the most was Who's Who. Tobi Roppo's Frutto del Diavolo focuses on ancestors and the masked pirate is no exception.

In fact, a smilodon appears in front of Jinbe, also known as the saber-toothed tiger, wearing the red mask with horns. What was most surprising, however, was how Who's Who seems to know Jinbe well, which confirms that he had seen him during his time as Shichibukai. So who is really who is who?? He's probably a character we've never seen in ONE PIECE before, and since he's not a fish person, he's unlikely to have been part of a crew with Jinbe, although some fans have already theorized.

During or At the end of the fight, we will surely have some answers. Who is who will be an important character in the story of Jinbe, the Knight of the Sea?

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