Kizaru from One Piece is a puzzle. He's based on Kunie Tanada, an actor known for his complex roles. Kizaru seems to lack clear morals, making him hard to predict, much like trying to pin down light particles, which is impossible according to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

Real Influences in One Piece

The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, often pulls from real life when creating his characters. Kizaru's character could be reflecting Tanada's real life. Oda's love for movies has influenced the design and backstory of Admirals like Akainu, Fujitora, Kuzan, and Ryokugyu, who are all inspired by Japanese film stars. Kizaru is Tanada's reflection, often seen as a villain, but his actual roles were varied.

The link to Tanada is more than looks; it's about the cultural weight the actor carries. Tanada's characters, often complex and dark, end up in grey areas, morally speaking, by their story's end.

Who is Kizaru Really?

Connecting Kizaru to Tanada helps us understand Kizaru's view of justice. After One Piece chapter 1104, we get a clearer picture of who Kizaru is. He follows orders without question, which makes us wonder about his principles and where his actions will lead him.

Kizaru's commitment to his role suggests he's lost in his own lack of direction. His power, based on light particles, is a nod to Heisenberg's Principle, hinting at a destiny that's always on the edge.

To wrap up, Kizaru is a mix of fiction and real-world elements, leaving us guessing about his endgame. His character is as fleeting as the light he controls, challenging us to think about destiny and justice in a world where heroes and villains blur together.

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