490 million copies sold by ONE PIECE another extraordinary milestone for the 1997 work of the master Eiichiro Oda. Not only is the adventure of Luffy and his companions the most popular manga in the world, but it even managed to overcome a pillar of American comics, Batman from DC Comics.

there Popularity of ONE PIECE Not just from the sales of the manga, of course, as the anime produced by Toei Animation keeps getting better and better to offer episodes of near cinematic quality, as happened when Megumi Ishitani returned to direct episode 982, and of course the constant The production of all kinds of dedicated merchandise only adds to the success of the series.

Thanks to Sales data regularly distributed by major publishersImmediately a confrontation was born that could be unique for many fans. Often even works are compared that are inserted into the same social context or restricted to a certain sector. This time, however, it turned out that the 490 million copies of ONE PIECE, of which 400 million are only in the east and the remaining 90 in the west, represent an impressive record that surpasses the 480 million volumes dedicated to the Dark Knight.

The surprise is that Batman's adventures began in May 1939 with the historical volume Detective Comics # 27 58 years before the Romance Dawn chapter was published on the pages of the Weekly Shonen Jump. Given the extraordinary success of Dark Knight, protagonist of many spin-offs, events and graphic novels, who is one of the best in the superhero world, it is even more the result of the pirate epic is impressive from Oda.

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