Megicula gets everyone in trouble. With her demonic powers, the wizards in front of her have a hard time and not even Gaja's powerful attack seems to have had the desired effect. In fact, the protagonists are now in an even worse situation due to the demon's excessive power.

Noelle lost her sacred form and Undine was cursed again, loses strength. Rill and Charlotte seem unable to do anything and even struggle to defend themselves while Megicula strengthens Lolopechka again. The kingdom of the queen of hearts will explode and the lives of the protagonists of Black Clover will end.

A dark fate full of desperation and the transformation of Noelle into Valkyrie are not enough. At the end of Chapter 300 of Black Clover, when it all seems to be over, a surprise arrival turns the situation around. Asta arrives midair and relieves Noelle by using her sword to stop the curse from affecting Lolopechka.

That Rescuing the protagonist of Black Clover allows the children to buy time and regain the long-awaited hope while Megicula is visibly upset. Will the devil have to fight the anti-magical child in the next few chapters of the manga?

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