The anime of ONE PIECE is about to return to the present of the narrative arc set in the land of Wa, and after the dramatic and significant events of the last episode, the community wanted to honor the legendary Kozuki Oden, Samurai, who fought for the freedom of Wano and published hundreds of Pictures and messages on social networks.

The death of OdenAfter hours of resistance in a vat of boiling oil and undergoing public humiliation, Orochi instead moved the hearts of the residents of Wano, and in particular of the Nine Red Sheaths, as well as the audience immediately after the release of episode 974, she did not hesitate to share her opinion comment on Twitter.

From the greeting and thanks to the legend of Wano to the highlighting of the technical services of the animation team at Toei Animation StudioThe reactions of the fans once again underline the iconic phrase "oden would not be oden if it was not cooked", which refers to the Japanese soup of the same name the immense passion for work from master Eiichiro Oda.

Recall that readers were surprised by the betrayal in Chapter 1013, and we'll leave you to the rumors of a new movie from ONE PIECE considering registering a new domain.

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