Dragon Ball Super manga creator Toyotaro, 43, continues the saga alongside Akira Toriyama, the original creator of Goku and his companions. With the Cereal Survivor saga, Toyotaro pressed the gas pedal and already brought the new character within a few chapters Granolah to face his enemies.

After a few months of preparation, Dragon Ball Super will present us with this fateful clash. The drafts of Chapter 72 of the manga published by V-Jump have already laid the groundwork for the Battle of Goku and Vegeta with Granolah, and when the pages aren't enough, Shueisha has decided to increase the dose. In the new Dragon Ball Super 72 preview on Weekly Shonen Jump, the publisher shared an image with the following caption: "The fate of Goku and Granolah is at hand! "

Dragon Ball Super 72 will be released on MangaPlus on May 20, 2021 at 17:00 in English and Spanish. The first phase of this saga seems to have reached its climax and nothing can avoid the clash between the Saiyans and the Cereleans. In the meantime, however, the Heeter machinations continue and their actions could change the continuation of this new arc forever.

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