The film ONE-PIECE: RED will bring in Shanks, the red-haired emperor previously drunk in Eiichiro Oda's manga. The mangaka never got a chance to really delve into it, so it only shows up in a few brief moments. However, the June film will finally give him more time.

Few details have emerged about Shanks the Red and his presence in the film, but he is sure to play a central role, as will his daughter Uta. And regarding these two characters, Weekly Shonen Jump ran promotional material in the latest issue of the magazine, which was then leaked online by various people. And from here we understand more of that Relationship between Uta and Shanks as told in ONE PIECE: RED.

According to the short page that was leaked and promptly translated by Artur - Library of Ohara this is explained Shanks and Uta have always lived together, until the girl was nine years old, when an unforeseen event forced them to part. So Uta was already old enough to understand what happened when her father left her life. Now it remains to understand and know the event that forced them to part.

It's at this point that Uta's age becomes a bit clearer in the ONE PIECE: RED movie, especially compared to Luffy's.

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