The summer of 2022 is looking very special for the franchise ONE PIECE. From Eiichiro Oda's long hiatus in preparation for the manga's final arc, to the series' 25th anniversary celebrations, to the much-anticipated ones ONE-PIECE: REDarriving in Japan on August 6, where famous singer Uta will make her debut.

The numerous details and promotional material Publications over the last few months have confirmed that Uta is not only a star well known all along the Major route, but also the daughter of one of the four Emperors: Shanks the Red. The centrality of a female character associated with Shanks was already leaked from the first posters, and confirmation of the existence of such a character has caused a surge in fan interest.

Even before her official debut, Uta has conquered fans and to make it even more unforgettable Eiichiro Oda has decided to dedicate a new illustration to her, which you can find below, where she also appears Ado, that 19 years old Japanese singer who voices the star in the film. Represented in a long black cloak and carrying a microphone, Ado performs alongside Uta as the latter performs and is applauded by the audience.

Finally, we remember that the character design of Shanks and his crew has been revealed and we leave you to the latest trailer of ONE PIECE: RED.

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