The war has begun and there is no shortage of blows from both sides. The two factions of My Hero Academy For several chapters, they bless it on every battlefield. After Shoto Todoroki’s battle, Kohei Horikoshi has decided to instead focus on All for One and who faces him.

only the Supervillain dealt Endeavor a heavy blow, who got carried away by the emotions and provocations of All for One and is now, albeit temporarily, out of action. In the battle with the My Hero Academia villain, he was replaced by Tokoyami and Jiro, who in a combined attack managed to distract All for One enough to destroy Hawks’ mask.

My Hero Academia 356 will continue from this moment: Kohei Horikoshi will probably not let go of the cliffhanger completely and will change the scenery immediately. The first few pages will most likely focus on the effects of this blow, which resulted in the partial destruction of the mask, which could affect All for One’s ability to attack. But the latter will certainly not give way.

It remains to further study the situation of Endeavor, which could return to combat, and at this point two scenarios would open: on the one hand, Horikoshi could accelerate at this stage and Complete the game with All for One, at least temporarily, with the flaming hero returning to action; On the other hand, he could give a few chapters of detachment, move on to another fight (maybe Himiko Toga VS Uraraka) and then come back to Gunga later.

My Hero Academia 356 releases on Sunday June 19th at 5 p.m. on MangaPlus.

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