Throughout the saga in the land of the Wa's ONE PIECE Dedicated to the legendary Kozuki Oden, the flashback allowed readers to retrace part of Gol D. Roger's journey to the New World's last island, Laugh Tale. One fan then decided to imagine one of the most iconic scenes of the Pirate King's discovery in color.

During The Onigashima War continues With strategies and plans immediately implemented by Monkey D. Luffy to face the mighty Emperor Kaido, one of readers' most anticipated moments has received an official coloring. Published January 4, 2020, Chapter 967, entitled “Roger's adventures' proved incredibly important for a number of reasons related to the undertaking of whoever would become the Pirate King and laughed at the discovery of the true nature of the ONE PIECE treasure.

This great board, which is part of the community after hundreds of fanarts and tributes, finally got it an official coloring, shared on social networks by the user @newworldartur via the post that you can find at the bottom of the page. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the appropriate section. To finish, we leave you with an incredible cosplay of Nami disguised as one of Kaido's pirates.

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