Onigashima has already reserved some surprises for the readers of ONE PIECE. Between betrayal, infiltration, rescue and much more, Eiichiro Oda has loaded the current narrative arc with many elements. And one of them in particular is also in the characters Yamatowhich turned out to be very important to the plot.

Kaido's daughter has turned against her father and has confirmed from several chapters of ONE PIECE that she will fight together with the Mugiwara to break the chains imposed by the emperor. However, Luffy asked her to protect Momonosuke, which she has done so far without any problems. However in ONE PIECE 1012 Yamato decides to fight after bringing Shinobu and Momonosuke to safety.

The kid warns them that they can only hear two voices upstairs, suggesting that Luffy and Kaido are fighting alone, and in return Yamato decides to hurry up and go to the roof to fight his father and meet his new ally help. The street will no doubt be paved with enemies for Yamato to face, but given the situation - between the return of the nine red scabbards in the game, the presence of Law, Sanji, and Zoro - the enemy officers may already be busy, and so is Yamato was able to arrive without any problems. upstairs to face the father.

Think, that Yamato VS Kaido is about to become a reality? Or does the emperor remain the booty of the ONE PIECE captain?

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