ONE PIECE: official the return of the souls within the end of June

Almost two months have passed since the forced interruption of souls. Due to the Coronavirus, the production and dubbing companies found themselves in difficulty in carrying on the work, forcing many old episodes to broadcast. To suffer this difficulty there is also the anime of ONE PIECE created by Toei Animation.

At the moment focused on the narrative arc of Wanokuni, who is also holding bench in the manga and which will be one of the most important phases of the story, ONE PIECE had stopped at episode 929. The 930 scheduled for the end of April had been postponed to a date by to be destined, but finally this date has been confirmed.

After the rumors of the past few days that they wanted a return of ONE PIECE in late June, confirmation also comes from the official website of the anime: ONE PIECE will return on June 28 with unpublished episodes. For the occasion, there will also be the special "One Piece & Digimon Adventure TV Anime Voice Recording Challenge" to celebrate the return of the two anime of Toei Animation. Fans will be able to dub their favorite scenes and publish the results on Twitter and Youtube until 30 August 2020. The winners drawn by lot they will get volume 96 of ONE PIECE and a Digivice of Digimon Adventure 2020.

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