Vegeta fans can finally rejoice, as the Molo arch has reached a point where the Saiyan prince is putting himself on the line as he has never done before. In Dragon Ball Super a new technique had been anticipated for Vegeta that could put an end once and for all to the ambitions of the evil wizard.

To oppose the most lethal technique of Molo, that is the absorption of the energy that Goku and Vegeta have experienced on Neo Namek, the two saiyans have trained on their own in order to find a solution. Vegeta headed for Yardrat where, under the teachings of the sage Pybara, he gained control of his spirit and a new technique: the forced spiritual fission.

And the first time this technique appears in the world of Dragon Ball Super since it is very difficult to learn and high skill is required. As shown in Chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta manages to extract energy from Molo's body as he hits it. The small particles of energy move away from the body and then gather in a sphere that keeps floating in the sky.

Vegeta is also able to control it and make sure that the individual energy particles return to their place of belonging, whether it is a living or dead body or a planet. This also led to the return to life of some Nameccian warriors who had suffered Molo's energy absorption. However, it was not enough as a technique to defeat Molo, will it also be useful against the new form of the enemy?

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