Communication around the live-action of ONE PIECE up to now it has proved to be decidedly aggressive. Since the first declarations, the producers have remarked on the enormous scope of the project, also considering the involvement of Oda in person.

This ambition is confirmed by the last update of the Twitter account of the production, which announces the availability of a multilingual dubbing, a similar feature to Netflix's animated series. Yet another declaration of intent for a project that, given the huge audience behind it, will have the difficult task of conquering fans of the original work.

The filming of the ONE PIECE live-action will start on August 31stprecisely in Cape Town - South Africa. The term of the same is currently set, avoiding any complications, for February 8, 2021.

On the occasion of Nami's birthday, the official production profile invited fans to imagine the appearance of the actress who will play her character. The debate led to an interesting statement from the staff, or the multicultural nature of the cast.

Each character will have a different nationality, a particularity that has not met the favor of the whole public; between those who hoped for a purely Japanese cast and those who appreciate this diversified approach.

ONE PIECE: a Deadpool 2 actor teases fans with an imitation of Zoro. What we know and what we expect from the ONE PIECE live-action produced by Netflix.

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